Sanctum Music 

music for massage, relaxation and yoga


          Renata Bratt cellist and composer     Shannon Lynn Brown  producer and massage therapist
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"The music is indeed calming and evocative of that magical state of mind when all worries recede and calm descends. 
Well done to you."

Leon Chaitow ND DO

Renata Bratt and Shannon Lynn Brown first met when Shannon began studying cello with Renata. During lessons, Shannon mentioned that one day she planned to create music for massage - music that would combine her love of melody and the sound of the cello with her therapeutic training. Renata talked about the music she plays for meditation and times of spiritual reflection. They decided the time is now. Together they began Berceuse, a collaboration grounded in the two worlds of music and massage and inspired by Shannon’s desire to create "adult lullabies as ideal music for massage."

Pacific Cello is 70 minutes of uninterrupted melody and harmony that works for massage, relaxation and gentle yoga and savasana. Eloquent melodies floating over gentle harmony soothe the listener and help them focus on the healing and meditating states they seek for their sessions. Intended to work within actual sessions, Pacific Cello enables practitioners and clients alike to get in the flow and achieve their goals for their time together.

recorded at Open Path Music
art & design by Malachy Cross